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2022, the sun is back!

After two particularly trying years for all of us, and especially for the organizers and clubs, a busy season begins in a few days, with the Ladies of St Tropez kicking off: a mythical bay, magnificent sailboats, women on board , what beautiful symbols to reconnect with the spirit of Classic Sailing: elegance, sportsmanship, competitiveness on the water, festive atmosphere on land... 

Many of you showed us your impatience and your desire to find us on the water, showing once again your enthusiasm and your determination to bring these exceptional moments of Classic Sailing to life in the Mediterranean. Some have left the Big Blue to reach other ports, others have weathered a few storms, but we have learned that everything can be reborn, revive, come back, even more beautiful, even stronger, so let's rejoice, the sun is coming back!  

Photo: Patrick Hanez (Voiles d'Antibes)

Palynodie, the party will be even more beautiful! 

Palynodie turns 60 this year. This sloop, designed in 1961 by Olin Stephens for Gaston Deferre, pampered for more than 5 years now by Henri Ferbus and his crew, makes them feel good on the water and at the quay! 

Atmosphere on board, competitiveness on the water and presence on the podiums have made Palynodie an essential sailboat on the circuit. But it happens that sometimes things get complicated or that the spirits of Palynodie, Deferre or Stephens come to play a bad trick on us: Palynodie II, demanding, if any, despite its ongoing maintenance and the many hours already spent under construction has decided for its 60th birthday to take a break from the season and to be offered a big refit … 

Pretext: "I slipped straps when leaving the dock for my fairing..."


Despite the importance of the shock and the work to be planned, Palynodie is, as always, in good hands. The recovery time will be several months. 


We look forward to seeing you on the water! 

Photo: Gerald Coulon


The Ladies of St Tropez 

From April 29 to May 1, 2022 


Flagship event of the Société Nautique de Saint-Tropez, which shines with its elegance, sportsmanship and friendly atmosphere, the 9th edition of the Ladies of Saint-Tropez will take place from April 29 to May 1, 2022. Open to classic sailboats (by invitation and limited to 20 boats), the event brings together magnificent traditional yachts with a large majority of female sailors on board!

10 years already! After two years off due to the health crisis, the Ladies of Saint-Tropez are once again on deck to celebrate the 10th anniversary of this feminine and charming event this year!


A unique event where women take the helm of the most beautiful Mediterranean Tradition sailboats and an essentially female race committee. In 2012, the first edition brought together 8 sailboats, in 2013 16 sailboats, since 2017, the record had been broken with 20 boats and 82% of sailors. Faced with the health crisis, the 2020 and 2021 editions have been cancelled. The fleet is gathered at the quay in the Old Port of Saint Tropez. On land, the festive program concocted by the Société Nautique de Saint-Tropez leaves unforgettable memories and images every year. See you from April 29 to May 1, 2022 for warrior regattas and good festive times! 

Text and photo: Nautical Society of Saint-Tropez

The Sails of Cassis 

From April 29 to May 1, 2022 


Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear friends, 


An unmissable spring event, the “Les voiles de Cassis” event is a reflection of our city: authentic, majestic, radiant! For a few days, Cassis celebrates the sea and the wind, celebrates nature and its elements. Cassis celebrates sport, celebrates passion, celebrates challenges. Cassis celebrates these men and women who make the sea their protected territory, their universe, their playground. As Mayor of Cassis, Deputy Vice-President for Tourism at both the Bouches du Rhône Departmental Council and the Aix-Marseille Provence Metropolis, I am committed to all the players in this unique site in the world, to exceptional natural spaces, to work for its development, while preserving its environment. Thank you to each participant for offering us, year after year, this magnificent show. Let's continue together to preserve our quality of life, our Art of living. 


Danielle Milon 

Mayor of Cassis, Vice-President of the Bouches du Rhône Departmental Council, President of Bouches du Rhône Tourisme, Vice-President of the Aix-Marseille Provence Metropolis 

Photo: Pierick Jeannoutot


Focus on the Voiles d'Antibes 

Meeting with Yann Joannon, co-organizer. 

Hello Yann, the Voiles d'Antibes are in less than 6 weeks, how long have you been preparing for this edition?

As soon as the prizes are awarded for the previous edition, we prepare for the next one. We see what worked well but needs to be improved, what didn't work and should be forgotten, what was liked, what was disliked, and then we have the comments of all the participants that we need to hear and take into account. We must strike the iron while it is hot and then refine our visions throughout the year. 

After shifting the previous edition to September, happy to find your dates for the beginning of June?

After having organized 2 editions in September (due to COVID) we were able to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of June and September. The only advantage of an organization in September is the presence of more boats because there are more gatherings than in June. On the other hand, the month of June has many more advantages, the state of mind of the participants and the public which is more open and relaxed at the start of the season and at the start of summer, often more favorable weather, higher temperatures, longer days and a more flexible Antibes event calendar…. so we are very happy to have our dear month of June back. 


At the level of the registered, is there any change? And if so, do you see it as a sign of a new era in classical music?

It's still a bit early to tell, but registrations are a bit late this year. There are so many national and international disruptions that people don't dare to commit too far in advance. We believe that late registrations in early May will be important. What is certain is that the big boats will probably not be very well represented this year. Between the migration of Moonbeam of Fife, Moonbeam IV and Mariquita in the Atlantic and the great gathering of the Fife Regatta in Scotland, the class of Big Boats risks being strongly impacted this season. We are also entering a new cycle where the former owners have toured their boats and regattas and are now looking for new emotions. It is to be hoped that the new owners and new enthusiasts will take over with as much pleasure and passion as the old ones. 

After all these years, the pleasure remains intact?

And for your team, were they present for this 27th edition or is it difficult to remobilize people, a city, a port? The team has been the same since the start 27 years ago … so no need to mobilize or re-motivate. On the other hand, it is difficult to integrate a little youth and new blood which will be necessary so that we can in turn pass on the torch little by little in complete serenity.


How does the city of Antibes participate? Is she involved?

The City of Antibes has always been by our side and has always supported us. If it hadn't been the case, we would never have lasted this long. Our identity of associating Classical Sailing with a great Antiboise popular festival is close to our hearts and we cannot do it without the help of the City and all the socio-economic actors.


A little surprise for 2022?

Yes, even several…. but in Surprise, there is “Surprise” … and you will have to come and participate to discover and appreciate them!!!! See you from June 1 to 5, 2022, registration, new website, and also on the social networks Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

Photos: Marc Pélissier - Patrick Hanez

The Cultural Space of the Sails of Antibes 

As with each new edition, the Voiles d'Antibes association welcomes professional artists in a dedicated space. Painters, sculptors, photographers, furniture designers express an artistic diversity that highlights the sea and local culture.


Since the beginning of its creation almost ten years ago, a hundred artists have been able to exhibit their works there. This year again we are limiting ourselves to a small number of exhibitors, so that everyone can really reveal themselves. The cultural space is a place open to the public, whether potential customer, amateur, neophyte or simply curious. Much appreciated by competitors during the prize giving ceremony, each artist is invited to offer a work to the winner of each class of boat. This very convivial moment at Les Voiles reminds us that art and sport have always had a very close link.

When the painter Gustave Caillebotte painted boaters rowing on the Yerres in 1877, he was clearly part of a new style, he placed the spectator in the front row of the action. Effort, competition… the artist left his studio to meet the movement. His attention is focused on the light and the bodies that come alive in the same effort to move their skiff forward.


The painter Philippe Gavin is part of this same vision. Self-taught painter and sailor, he has participated for several years in Classic Yacht regattas aboard the most beautiful Yachts and in particular he sails on Tuiga, the flagship of the Yacht Club of Monaco. His escapades on the water feed his work.

His dual skills as a racing yachtsman and painter of the sea allow him to render with transparency an atmosphere that connoisseurs like to find in his work. Construction of the scenes, placement of the characters, purity of the lines, perspectives of the hulls, he revisits and refreshes the genre of seascapes with this fabulous technique that is watercolor.


He regularly exhibits on the Côte d'Azur, in England and in the Caribbean... For this 27th edition, he is creating the visual for the poster for the Voiles d'Antibes 2022. 

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